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How can I cope with a difficult ex during a divorce?

Going through a divorce in Florida is never easy. It is especially difficult when you have children and have to determine a parenting plan. It can be made harder if you have a spouse who is not willing to compromise or who argues with you at every turn. You should not be expected to just give in to such bullying tactics. You have to stand your ground, but how can you manage a difficult ex and still ensure your divorce does not cause undue harm to your children?

The Huffington Post suggests always meeting with or talking to your spouse when you have a neutral third party around, such as an attorney or mediator. This will help keep things focused and help to stop any potential issues. You also should keep good records of everything that your spouse does and says.

You may also want to seek therapy for yourself. A therapist can help you gain some perspective on the situation and teach you ways to cope with your ex's actions. It does not hurt to also work out your own issues with the divorce, so you can ensure you are not adding to the tension needlessly.

When you discuss the children, make sure that you stay focused on them and their needs. Do not allow your spouse to throw up things that happened in the past or try to bring up unrelated issues. Your kids deserve to have both of you work together to create a functional parenting plan.

Also, keep in mind that when you have children together, you will be in each other lives moving forward. It is not enough just to get through the divorce process. You need to have a solid parenting plan that accounts for anything that could come up in the future and that will provide for your children above all else. This information is for education and is not legal advice.

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