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high net worth divorce Archives

What is the timeline of a divorce case?

Many people in Florida who are thinking about getting a divorce probably have more questions than answers when it comes to the legal process. They know that their marriage is at the end of the line, but they don't know much about how the legal case will proceed. Nonetheless, understanding the basic framework and timeline of a divorce case is crucial.

The pros and cons of litigation in a high net worth divorce

While probably less common than most people realize, contentious divorce cases do occur in Florida. In these types of cases, the parties may come into the process full of vitriol and ready to fight over every last detail of the divorce. Issues such as child custody, child support, and alimony are usually part of these cases, but in high net worth divorce cases in particular, property division can be the most contentious issue of all.

Are there signs your marriage is headed for a divorce?

Each year thousands of married couples in Florida go through a divorce. Some of these cases are even high net worth divorces, in which millions of dollars in assets are on the line. In some cases, the signs that a divorce may be looming have been present for years. What are some of the signs that a marriage might be headed for a divorce?

Hulk Hogan given deadline to pay ex-wife's divorce legal fees

Our readers in Florida are used to seeing news headlines about celebrity divorces and the oftentimes chaotic processes involved. Former professional wrestler Hulk Hogan went through his divorce case in Florida and is now facing a serious deadline in relation to that high net worth divorce.

Former 'Today' show host settles high net worth divorce

People in Florida may have been following the divorce of Matt Lauer, the former longtime host of NBC's "Today" show. Recently, Lauer and his estranged wife were able to settle their high-asset divorce. Lauer's estranged wife has filed paperwork with the court and the case is now awaiting a review by a judge. Once the judge has approved the filings, they will be entered with the court clerk's office. The divorce is uncontested.

Floridians with significant wealth can benefit from prenups

When a person with a high-net worth is engaged to be married, they may want to consider entering into a prenuptial agreement, known as a premarital agreement in Florida. After all, some people have established high-paying careers, may own a home or may have received a substantial sum of money prior to getting married. Moreover, some people may anticipate earning a significant income while married or accumulating other valuable assets while married. Prenups are useful, because they can protect both spouses' financial interests in the event of a high net worth divorce.

A wife's income may affect her chance of a high net worth divorce

The gender wage gap may be closing at least for some people in Florida, and this may be seen by many as a good thing. However, does the amount of income a wife contributes to the household affect the relationship she has with her partner? One study examined this issue, and its findings may be especially significant when it comes to a high net worth divorce.

Prenups can be valuable when Floridians marry a second time

Not every marriage is meant to last, and some couples in Florida who married in their younger years end up getting divorced decades later. Sometimes, after the divorce is final, a person will find love again and decide to remarry. By this point, however, that person may have accumulated a significant amount of valuable assets and wealth. If this is the case, they may want to consider executing a prenuptial agreement (referred to as a premarital agreement under Florida law), to avoid the difficulties that could be encountered in a high net worth divorce.

Divorce of Amazon CEO teaches valuable lessons

Florida residents may have been following the highly publicized divorce of Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos. This high net worth divorce is notable not just due to Bezos' $137 billion fortune, but due to the fact that Amazon, which he founded while married, may be considered marital property and could be included in the divisible marital estate.

Why might spouses in Florida choose lump-sum alimony?

One thing couples in Florida who are undergoing a divorce may wish is to have as little contact with one another as possible. However, one aspect of divorce that could tether spouses to one another even after their union is dissolved is alimony, also known as spousal support. It is often assumed that if one party is ordered to pay alimony to the other post-divorce, it could mean monthly alimony payments for a certain length of time.

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