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An overview of the mediation process

One of the biggest mental hurdles that Florida residents need to get over when they are contemplating a divorce is the perception that the legal process will be drawn out, time consuming and emotionally draining. While that is certainly the case in some divorces, the fact is that many divorcing couples are able to amicably work through the variety of legal issues that they need to address in the divorce case and put the whole ordeal behind them in a rather timely process. "Mediation" is often the key.

Working through difficult divorce issues in mediation

Our readers in Florida who are familiar with previous posts here know that not all divorce cases turn into courtroom battles. Many couples who are going through a divorce are able to put aside their emotions, for the most part, in order to work through the various legal issues that must be addressed to bring the divorce case to a conclusion. For couples who may be in this position, mediation could be a potential option.

What is the role of a mediator in the divorce mediation process?

Sometimes a couple's marriage becomes so broken that the best option is for the couple to divorce. However, this doesn't mean the discord that lead to the end of the marriage has to carry on through the divorce process. Couples in Florida who want a more amicable split may want to try mediating their divorce first. Before making such a decision, it is important to understand the role of the mediator in a divorce.

Can a high-conflict, high-asset divorce be mediated?

There are many benefits to mediating a high-asset divorce. For instance, couples in Florida with significant assets have a major stake in the outcome of the property division process. Mediation allows the parties to retain control over the outcome of the property division process, and they may also be able to keep the details of the settlement private. This may make the parties more satisfied with the outcome of their divorce.

We can help with divorce mediation in Fort Myers

Divorcing couples often realize they do not want to put themselves and their children through a potentially knock-down, drag-out divorce litigation. Sometimes, couples decide this immediately, other times it happens after the divorce process has been underway for a while. Also, in divorce litigation, many private and personal details are placed in the official court records, with the danger that the details may become public knowledge. These are serious concerns, and one solution could be divorce mediation.

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