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Understanding when to seek sole custody

For many parents who are in the middle of a divorce in Florida, it may be difficult to put the needs of their children first when they are so frustrated with their failed relationship. Often, feelings of anger, sadness and even confusion can create situations that are less-than-ideal for children. While it is highly recommended that parents put the needs of their children at the forefront of their obligations when arranging a child custody agreement, more often than not, creating a functional and beneficial arrangement can be fraught with tension and disagreement. 

A look at how non-custodial parents can still make an impact

One of the most contentious and time-consuming parts of many divorces in Florida is negotiating and arranging a child custody agreement. In many cases, parents fight each other for primary custody of their children and the outcome can vary significantly depending on the situation. Child custody is often determined after the courts look closely at the condition of each parent's finances and living arrangements. They also assess a child's needs, age, gender and comfort in determining which arrangement would ultimately benefit each child involved. 

How can I cope with a difficult ex during a divorce?

Going through a divorce in Florida is never easy. It is especially difficult when you have children and have to determine a parenting plan. It can be made harder if you have a spouse who is not willing to compromise or who argues with you at every turn. You should not be expected to just give in to such bullying tactics. You have to stand your ground, but how can you manage a difficult ex and still ensure your divorce does not cause undue harm to your children?

How can I keep divorce from affecting my child's financial aid?

Divorce is an event that many people in the Lee County area do not think of until it is on the horizon. According to CNBC News, “divorce is a situation that approximately two-thirds of couples” are not prepared for divorce or aware their separations can sabotage their children's college funds. When separation strikes, financial stability is often the first the first causulty.

How easily can I relocate with my child after my divorce?

At Fried and Fried PA in Florida, we know that when you have a child, particularly a young child, by your ex-spouse, the two of you may have continuing issues regarding him or her after your divorce. One such situation we see most often is when the custodial parent needs or wishes to relocate with the child.

How children benefit from joint-custody arrangements

If you live in Florida and are adjusting to a new joint-custody arrangement, you may be struggling with spending less time with your child than you typically do. You may, too, have questions about whether your child will struggle because of shuffling between your home and that of your ex. At Fried and Fried, P.A., we recognize that children whose parents share custody often benefit from such arrangements, and we have helped many clients navigate their way through custody and related family law matters.

Giving children the best chance at coping with a divorce

Divorce is rarely a seamless process that leaves all parties with a perfectly cured outcome. In fact, for many divorcing couples in Florida, the process is dotted with difficult decisions, compromises, negotiations and sacrifice. More often than not, each party is required to give and take to identify amicable solutions that are able to at least partially benefit everyone involved. 

Give yourself a chance at effective child custody negotiations

Once you and your spouse make the decision to pursue a divorce in the state of Florida, you will immediately need to begin making critical decisions about your future. If you and your soon-to-be ex have had children together, these decisions may become more complicated and require considerable time and thought to reach a beneficial solution. At Fried and Fried, P.A. we are familiar with the hurdles that many couples must face when working through a divorce. 

Will your divorce affect your child's college plans?

Even though your teen is almost through high school and makes most of his own decisions by this time, you and your spouse still have to discuss custody arrangements during your Florida divorce. For the next year or so, your child will probably live primarily with one of you, and the other parent will probably pay child support. While you may want to be the custodial parent, it could put his college plans in jeopardy.

Developing an effective parenting plan for you and your children

If you and your spouse are in the process of divorcing in Florida, you may have already begun considering how you will arrange co-parenting for the best interest of your children. An effective way to clarify these types of arrangements is for you and your ex to have a parenting plan that clearly defines boundaries. At Fried and Fried, P.A. we are familar with the unique challenges of co-parenting following a divorce. 

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