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Divorce and other family law disputes are about more than deciding how property is divided and settling the terms of child support and alimony. They are about protecting your legal and financial security for the long term and ensuring that your children will be provided for — financially and emotionally — during a difficult time.

You deserve a lawyer who understands this. For more than 30 years, Fried and Fried, P.A., has provided personalized, results-guided legal representation to people in southwest Florida coming to terms with the end of a marriage or partnership and who are unsure of how to chart life's next course. Our attorneys, Linda Holly Fried and Herbert Allen Fried, offer more than seven decades of combined experience handling routine family law matters and complex divorce litigation. In every case, we provide our clients with confident legal advice and a sound plan for moving forward with their lives.

A Tradition Of Excellence. A Forward-Thinking Family Law Practice.

Our firm combines the best aspects of a practice that is rooted in experience and success and one that is constantly developing new strategies based on changes in statutes, case law and trends in legal practice.

We maintain a traditional divorce and family law practice that focuses on achieving favorable outcomes for our clients in the minimum amount of time necessary. We make sensitive issues surrounding property division, alimony, and child custody and support more manageable, pursuing amicable settlement of issues whenever possible, but taking an aggressive stance in court whenever necessary.

As our practice has grown, we have recognized the unique needs of high net worth individuals when it comes to dissolving a marriage or partnership. Our high-asset divorce practice approaches traditional family law matters with special care and attention to assisting those whose significant financial assets create the potential for high-stakes conflict.

There is no one way to handle a divorce. The advantage of choosing our firm is that we will devise a strategy carefully tuned to your unique situation. This may include collaboration with your spouse, assertive litigation tactics, or a combination of the two.

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Our Fort Myers family law attorneys are ready to discuss the legal issues in your divorce or separation and begin planning a way forward. Email us or call our Lee County office at 239-243-9287, toll free 888-831-2597.