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Comprehensive Knowledge Of High-Asset Divorces

As a firm that handles divorce and related litigation exclusively, we recognize that any family dispute presents difficult, complex questions that require experience and sensitivity to a client’s needs.

With more than 70 years of combined family law experience in Florida, however, our attorneys have developed a special understanding of the unique concerns facing high net worth individuals in the beginning stages of divorce. Specifically, we recognize that legal counsel for these individuals must:

  • Carefully measure the need for protracted litigation against the advantages of a more collaborative approach
  • Prioritize confidentiality and discretion in all communications
  • Remain mindful of the high-stakes financial obligations involved, particularly when a couple has children

These concerns present themselves whether our client is a primary income earner, half of a highly successful couple or a spouse who has attended to raising children and managing a household. In every case, our attorneys work to help our clients obtain long-term financial security and legal protections.

Complex Divorce: We Recognize The Issues That Matter

While the core issues surrounding a divorce never change — dividing property, establishing child custody, and setting the terms of alimony and child support — there are many concerns unique to high net worth clients. These include:

The hallmark of a successful divorce lawyer — and where our attorneys excel — is in helping clients focus less on short-term “wins” and more on long-term victories. While our attorneys have unmatched trial experience, they understand that in many situations, including some high-asset divorces, it can be advantageous to pursue collaborative divorce and negotiate a private settlement. We will develop a strategy designed to provide you with the best possible foundation on which to build the next chapter of your life.

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