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Modification & Enforcement Of Orders

Do You Need To Enforce Or Modify A Divorce Order?

Despite how much all parties in a divorce might wish otherwise, court orders are seldom the final word on issues of child support and alimony. Some individuals may defy orders they perceive as excessive or otherwise unfair, while others may have legitimate reasons for seeking to modify how much spousal or child support they owe to their former spouse.

Our firm handles Florida divorce and family law disputes exclusively. This means we understand that our clients depend on the certainty that they will receive the alimony or child support that has been determined by a court order or settlement, or that the support they owe to their former spouse is fair. When either of these is in question, our attorneys are ready to use their decades of experience in family law to reach a positive outcome for our clients.

Modifications: Helping You Protect Your Parental And Financial Interests

There are many circumstances under which someone may seek to modify the terms of an outstanding court order pertaining to child custody, child support or alimony. A job loss, change in work schedule and remarriage are but some of the reasons why a court can consider a modification. Our firm represents people seeking to modify or block modification of:

Enforcement: Asserting Your Legal Rights

In some situations, a former spouse may have no legal ground to refuse to pay child support or alimony, but for one of several reasons will not meet his or her financial obligations. If you are not receiving the child or spousal support payments dictated by the terms of a court order or settlement agreement, we can help you pursue appropriate recourse. This can include:

  • Garnishing the wages of your former spouse
  • Freezing assets
  • Pursuing criminal penalties, including jail time

We also represent parents who have been denied appropriate visitation rights by a custodial parent. We recognize that parental rights are among the most cherished following a divorce, and we act quickly and aggressively to ensure that our clients receive the appropriate visitation under the terms of a court order or agreement.

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