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Seeking A Fair And Equitable Distribution Of Marital Property

When couples decide to leave a marriage, they want to know what possessions, property and finances each will have when the divorce is final. At Fried and Fried, P.A., we have the skills and resources to determine the value and extent of assets considered part of the marital estate.

Any assets acquired during the marriage will be divided equitably between the divorcing couple. Our firm’s family law attorneys have experience working with forensic accountants and other experts to trace any hidden assets and account for premarital assets commingled with the rest of the marital estate and subject to an equitable distribution.

Offering Experienced Legal Counsel In Property Division

If you need assistance valuing your assets and dividing your marital estate in Southwest Florida, contact our equitable distribution attorneys in Fort Myers, Florida, online or call 239-243-9287 to schedule an appointment. We offer the personal attention of a specialty law firm, combined with the legal knowledge of experienced litigators.

Pursuing Equitable Distribution Through Mediation

In Florida, mediation is required in almost all divorces before they can proceed to a final hearing before a judge. When couples make choices at mediation, they can often retain control over equitable distribution and keep relations civil throughout the divorce process. Five topics, often presented using the acronym PEACE, are taken into consideration during an equitable distribution in Florida:

  • Parenting issues such as child custody, visitation and relocation
  • Equitable distribution, including all of the couple’s marital assets and liabilities
  • Alimony, including various spousal support orders
  • Child support, calculated using a number of factors
  • Everything else, including legal expenses and any other additional items

Valuing Your Property And Assets

Equitable distribution includes joint bank accounts, pensions, real estate investments, family businesses, personal property, boats, vehicles and any other assets considered part of the marital estate. In order to distribute your property equally, we must accurately value all of these items. At Fried and Fried, P.A., we consult certified public accountants (CPAs), property appraisers and other professional resources to help us correctly value marital estates.

Because equitable distribution is so comprehensive, it is essential to have experienced legal assistance. A highly skilled martial property division lawyer in Lee County at Fried and Fried, P.A., can assist you with complex financial litigation by representing you in all proceedings.

Contact Our Firm’s Lee County Marital Property Division Attorneys

Contact the attorneys at Fried and Fried, P.A., online or call 239-243-9287 for experienced representation with a settlement agreement or divorce proceedings. We will work directly with you to address any of your questions, while working to secure your property division rights.