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The Length Of Your Marriage Will Impact Alimony

When you approach a divorce — especially when married for many years or even decades — it is easy to lose sight of the complex financial issues that confront you as you prepare for life outside marriage. Indeed, considering how you will provide for yourself and your children can appear overwhelming.

The family law attorneys of Fried and Fried, P.A., know from more than seven decades of combined experience how to approach alimony disputes that involve high net worth individuals. They recognize that in few cases can a party afford to simply leave matters of spousal support in the hands of a family judge. They offer the big-picture perspective and detail-oriented counsel that clients in Southwest Florida need to ensure that their financial interests are not compromised during divorce proceedings.

High Net Worth Couples: A Holistic Approach To Establishing Alimony

A key advantage of our firm is that we have the resources — decades of complex financial litigation experience and access to a network of highly qualified financial professionals — to do a thorough vetting of our clients’ and their spouses’ finances. Alimony turns on many factors, and high net worth couples are almost always likely to have assets and income streams that make determining alimony a challenge — one that our attorneys rise to.

Questions we will consider when determining an appropriate spousal support strategy include:

  • What real estate is held under both spouses’ names? Are there investment real estate properties that are one spouse’s nonmarital property?
  • What deferred compensation and retirement benefits do our clients and/or their spouses have? What life insurance policies are involved?
  • Has a long-term marriage resulted in one spouse being out of the workforce for years or decades, impacting his or her ability to be financially self-sustaining in the years to come?

Ultimately, alimony will be settled through either a traditional monthly payment schedule or a one-time lump-sum “buyout” of one spouse by another. These options both have benefits and drawbacks that depend on a client’s specific financial position and outlook. As such, our attorneys will carefully advise our clients of their options, enabling them to make an informed decision that furthers their long-term financial well-being.

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