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How Will Divorce Affect Physicians In Florida?

As a physician, you have dedicated years of specialized training — and incurred significant financial burdens — to achieve success in your field of practice. While the income opportunities for doctors are a critical component of the reward for this hard work, they are also what often make divorces more complicated and contentious.

You deserve a law firm that understands the stakes involved in your case and will approach your divorce creatively and with the goal of resolving it as swiftly as possible in your favor. At Fried and Fried, P.A., our high net worth divorce attorneys understand that while divorce is a significant life transition, physicians and other medical professionals cannot let the process overwhelm other aspects of their lives.

Our representation in this area stresses simplified and straightforward communication, discretion in all matters and, most importantly, the benefit of seven-plus decades of collective experience securing the financial and legal rights of clients across Southwest Florida.

Our legal counsel will take into account all issues that affect you specifically as a physician:

  • How any disparity in income between you and your spouse will affect considerations of alimony and the best approach to ensure a fair outcome that does not unduly burden you
  • If you are part or whole owner of a professional practice, how the business will be valued and this information used in divorce proceedings
  • Whether your schedule requires creative visitation arrangements with your children

Advocating For Spouses Of Physicians During Divorce Proceedings

Whether you have made a career for yourself or have attended to managing your home and family, your contributions have been no less significant than those of your physician spouse. Divorces involving physicians often encompass complex issues of property division, business valuation and alimony. Our lawyers will work to allow you to begin the next chapter of your life on as secure a financial footing as possible.

As the spouse of a high income-earning physician, you may be eligible to receive significantly more alimony and marital assets — even a portion of a professional practice. If you contributed to your spouse’s medical school education or did work in a professional practice, you may be entitled to more in a divorce settlement.

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