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Divorce After 50: A Growing Trend

Divorce is not just something for young couples who realize they married the wrong person five or 10 years ago. Divorce after 50, often referred to as “gray divorce,” has been growing far more common. Since the 1990s, studies have found that the rate of divorce over 50 has doubled. It is clear that people embrace senior divorce in a way that previous generations never did.

Here at Fried and Fried, P.A., in Fort Myers, Florida, we have more than 70 years of combined experience helping people through complex divorce matters. We understand exactly how these trends have shaped the divorce process and what you need to know as your own marriage ends. We offer compassionate, confident legal assistance with a board-certified family law attorney. If you are facing divorce later in life and you want experienced legal professionals on your side, we can help.

Why Is Gray Divorce Growing More Common?

The rise of gray divorce has a lot of implications; for instance, those splitting up later in life tend to have adult children, more assets, significant retirement savings and many other issues that must be addressed. So, why has this complex type of divorce become more popular? A few potential reasons include:

  • Divorce is more widely understood and accepted than it used to be.
  • People may have a self-discovery as they grow older and realize that a change is needed.
  • The divorce is really the breakdown of a second marriage after someone previously got married and divorced at a younger age.
  • Couples only stayed together while the kids were young, but they are now willing to get divorced since they will not have parenting issues to deal with.

These are just a few potential reasons, and every divorce is different. The key is to make sure you understand exactly what legal rights you have. We can help you explore your options. We’re a trustworthy, dependable firm that always puts our clients first.

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