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Your Divorce Doesn’t Have To Be A Fight

The decision to get divorced is rarely easy, even when both parties mutually agree to separate ways. Raw emotions can intensify in family law court, as spouses often feel pitted against each other. Unfortunately, this can lead to conflicts that initially did not exist.

At Fried and Fried, P.A., we offer cooperative divorce services for couples seeking an amicable resolution without going to trial. Cooperative law is designed for couples willing to work together and address their differences in a noncombative environment. This can be especially valuable for couples in low-conflict cases seeking to avoid the financial and emotional expense of traditional family law litigation. For experienced representation, contact our law firm today to schedule a consultation with a highly skilled Fort Myers, Florida, cooperative divorce lawyer.

Certified Lee County Divorce Mediation Lawyers

Our law firm’s partners — Linda Fried and Herbert Fried — are certified family law mediators. Our legal team has an extensive background practicing in alternative dispute resolution, including mediation and cooperative law. We understand the benefits of handling a divorce outside of trial in a client-centered approach.

Through alternative dispute resolution, divorcing couples are encouraged to remain respectful and communicate openly with each other. This is particularly beneficial in establishing an open environment for couples with children to co-parent in a cooperative way. The goal of alternative dispute resolution is to help divorcing parties reach a settlement that is fair for everyone involved. The nonadversarial environment allows couples to reach a settlement faster without the expenses of pursuing a resolution in court.

Pursuing An Amicable Settlement Through Cooperative Law

As an alternative to trial, cooperative law encourages both sides to work together instead of relying on a judge for guidance. Our law firm’s cooperative law attorneys represent our clients’ best interests, as opposed to acting as neutral mediators in mediation. In a series of in-person sessions, we meet with our client, the estranged spouse and his/her attorney to evaluate potential solutions to all of the issues affected from their divorce, including:

Our law firm’s cooperative law attorneys are committed to securing our client’s best interests, while working with the opposing side to reach a fair settlement. If at any point either side chooses to withdraw from the cooperative law process, the case will proceed to trial.

Contact Our Law Firm Today For Experienced Legal Counsel

At Fried and Fried, P.A., we are committed to helping clients avoid litigation and pursue an amicable resolution. But when trial proves to be necessary, we will not hesitate to protect our clients’ best interests in court. Our firm includes highly skilled trial attorneys available to help you determine if litigation or cooperative law is the best approach to pursue. Contact our law firm today to schedule a consultation at our law office in Fort Myers. You can also call us at 239-243-9287.