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Thoughtfully Analyzing Deferred Compensation And Profit-Sharing Plans

Our high net worth divorce clients value certainty and security above all else. Without experienced legal guidance, variables such as deferred compensation, retirement benefits, profit-sharing and insurance policies can generate significant stress and uncertainty over whether a fair, let alone favorable, divorce is possible.

At Fried and Fried, P.A., our Fort Myers attorneys leverage seven-plus decades of distinguished experience guiding clients in Southwest Florida through complex divorce litigation. With direct negotiation and trial experience, as well as additional resources in the form of recognized financial experts, our attorneys can help you make sense of a complex financial and legal landscape and find clarity in your rights as you move on from your marriage.

How Can An Experienced Lawyer Help Me Make Sense Of My Long-Term Financial Outlook?

It is common to find an imbalance in the knowledge of marital finances in high-income marriages. One spouse often handles all financial matters for the couple, leaving the other spouse largely in the dark about the intricacies of the couple’s marital and nonmarital assets.

With our attorneys representing you, you will have a seasoned advocate whose primary goal is to ensure a timely and complete compilation of both your and your spouse’s financial records. We take the guesswork out of identifying and obtaining essential documents and will use this information to develop our broader strategy in your case.

The types of assets we regularly handle in divorces include:

  • Retirement benefits, including 401(k) plans and defined-benefit pension plans
  • Other deferred compensation plans
  • Executive compensation plans
  • Private retirement accounts, including traditional IRAs and Roth IRAs
  • Profit-sharing agreements
  • Life insurance policies

Equipped with this information, we can determine how to structure a divorce settlement — or how to proceed in litigation — to help our clients emerge on stable footing regarding issues of property division and alimony.

Your Financial Security Is Our Priority. Contact Fried And Fried, P.A., Now.

To speak with one of our attorneys regarding the complex financial matters involved in your divorce, call 239-243-9287, toll free 888-831-2597 or send an email.