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What Are The Advantages Of A Private Settlement?

You have likely confronted conflicting emotions and motivations as you consider your options for pursuing a divorce. On the one hand, you have spent years, perhaps decades, building a life with your spouse and may wish to end your marriage with a spirit of compromise. On the other hand, the lead-up to your separation may leave you seeking a sense of vindication and victory in the legal system.

Regardless of the personal circumstances you bring to your divorce, our goal as family law counsel is to provide you with the benefit of our decades of experience to identify the pros and cons of any particular course of action, enabling you to make a well-informed decision. This includes the fundamental question of how we pursue finalizing your divorce.

Divorce Settlements: A More Private Way Forward

Many couples pursue private settlements because they wish to approach divorce in the most amicable manner possible. Even if your marriage has ended with acrimony, however, there are practical reasons why negotiating a settlement may be in your best interests.

  1. A settlement leaves you more in control of the ultimate outcome of your divorce. Particularly in cases of high net worth divorces, neither party is likely to truly benefit when important questions of property division and alimony are left to little more than a family judge’s discretion. By engaging in direct negotiations with your spouse and his or her counsel, we can take greater control over the process and, in doing so, be more likely to come out with an agreement that protects your most vital interests.
  2. A private settlement is exactly that: private. We understand from experience that high net worth clients value privacy and discretion in all matters. This is especially true when going through high-stakes and potentially high-profile litigation. We can structure a settlement agreement so that the terms of property division, alimony and other matters remain outside the view of the general public, affording our clients a much greater degree of privacy than is available in traditional litigation.
  3. Reaching a settlement often requires a fraction of the time — and cost — of fully litigating all contested issues. We view our experienced legal counsel as an investment. Our attorneys take pride in the value they provide to clients who invest in our services. Too many divorces end up being cases of “winning the battle, losing the war” because issues are needlessly litigated. Pursuing a settlement agreement allows parties to bypass unnecessary litigation to get to the heart of essential legal issues.

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