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January 2016 Archives

What to know about divorcing during retirement

With couples choosing to wait longer to get married, it should come as no surprise that the average age people get divorced has also increased over the last 20 years. According to a study by Bowling Green State University, reported by Forbes, the divorce rate of people between 55 and 64 has doubled. The number has tripled for those 65 and older.

What are some reasons your prenup could get thrown out?

Whether you're drafting a prenuptial agreement now or going into a divorce with one in hand, you want to know everything about the legal process, including some of the reasons your prenup could be declared invalid and thrown out of court in Florida. Below are some of the biggest ones that experts have noted:

Undo or 'I do': Reconciling after divorce

Once a divorce is finalized, ex-spouses commonly find that they have little or no desire to maintain any sort of relationship with an ex. Even in amicable divorces, ex-spouses often go their separate ways and ultimately cut ties. However, not every divorce ends this way. In fact, there are situations in which divorced spouses end up reconciling.

Florida fathers: know about support enforcement and modification

Many fathers across Florida have the responsibility to pay child support. Paying this money on time and in full is one very important way to support a child and establish at least a financial connection between kids and a parent who is not the primary caregiver.

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