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November 2015 Archives

Not ready to file for divorce? You can still prepare

In a recent post, we discussed some reasons why many people put off filing for divorce until after the holidays. Everything from overwhelming stress to financial obstacles can certainly make it a little easier to decide to wait until next month to focus on the divorce.

What does 'board certified in marital and family law' mean?

When you are looking for an experienced attorney to handle your divorce, to help with a child support or custody issue or to review a prenuptial agreement before you sign, you naturally want the most experienced and most highly skilled lawyer around. A quick search of the Florida Bar Association's directory comes up with dozens of licensed attorneys in Fort Myers alone. How do you narrow down the field?

Getting health insurance if you're going through divorce

The end of the year often brings fun things like holiday parties, vacations and eggnog. The not-so-fun chore most of us would rather put off is deciding on our health care insurance for the next year. Making decisions about your health coverage is hard enough, but what if you are in the midst of divorce? Were you on your spouse's health care plan? Do you even know what benefits you need?

Why it can be crucial to establish paternity

Families are more diverse than ever, due in large part to recent changes in federal law and considerable shifts in beliefs regarding "traditional" families. People are getting married later or not at all and divorce continues to be a reality for a considerable part of the population in the U.S.

What can happen if I hide assets during my divorce?

Getting divorced can bring out behaviors and feelings that you may not think you were capable of. It can make people feel angry, hurt and fearful about their future, which may be unnerving when you don't typically experience those types of emotions. Between these feelings and the stress of a divorce, you may discover that you or your soon-to-be ex is making some questionable decisions.

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