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The four types of alimony in Florida

It can take a lot of time and hard work to become a doctor, lawyer or small business owner. However, with effort and the proper support these can be very lucrative endeavors. Oftentimes, if a couple in the Fort Myers area is married one spouse will stay at home to...

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Things to do when facing a divorce

Dividing assets is just one of many steps to take when divorcing in Florida. Assets need to be divided fairly between parties, but most people don't know the initial steps to take when facing a divorce. There are a few things to do immediately following the decision...

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The role of the QDRO

When couples in Florida get divorced, joint assets such as the funds in a retirement account will likely be divided in the final divorce settlement. Funds in an employer retirement plan must typically be divided through what is known as a qualified domestic relations...

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Finding hidden assets during a divorce

One of the first questions that divorcing couples have to face is how to split up the assets they’ve acquired during their marriage. Many times, this is a fairly straightforward process, but things may get more difficult and confusing if one spouse is attempting to...

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