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January 2017 Archives

How can premarital agreements affect property?

Whether you are preparing to get married in the near future or are contemplating divorce, premarital agreements can have a significant impact on your assets and your financial future. As a result, it is crucial to understand how these agreements can affect property that you or your spouse own. In Lee County, and other Florida regions, there are many legal issues that can come into play regarding prenups. For example, someone may feel that they were forced into signing a prenup that was not fair, in which case they may want to review their options.

Can my spouse file for divorce overseas?

Whether you are getting ready to separate from your spouse or are already dealing with the divorce process, there are many issues you could be struggling with. For example, you may be wondering if you can settle your divorce out of court or who will get custody of your children. However, there are other divorce issues that may arise, some of which could even catch you off guard, such as your spouse filing for divorce in another country. In Lee County, and all throughout Florida, it is vital to handle these matters appropriately.

3 reasons to sell your home when you get divorced

You're getting divorced, and your $1M home is your most valuable asset. Sure, you have to consider emotional ties and sentimental attachment, but you're mostly looking at the monetary value. Nothing you own was as big of an investment as the house. Should you sell your home or do you want to try to keep it during the property division process?

Man pays support for non-biological child

For some non-custodial parents, child support can be incredibly challenging and creates financial hardships that virtually destroy their life. Furthermore, the ramifications of missing child support payments can be severe and may prevent people who have fallen behind from traveling or being able to drive. Moreover, they may have their wages garnished or even spend time behind bars, which is why non-custodial parents in Lee County should closely analyze their options.

Can I modify my parenting plan?

From child support to anxiety over divorce-related disputes, parents who split up may have a slew of hurdles to overcome. However, it can be especially contentious if you and the other parent of your child have any disagreements that are related to child custody or visitation. In Lee County, and all across Florida, parents should commit to obtaining an outcome that protects their rights and also serves their child's best interests. In some cases, this may involve the modification of a parenting plan.

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