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Can my spouse file for divorce overseas?

On Behalf of | Jan 20, 2017 | High Asset Divorce |

Whether you are getting ready to separate from your spouse or are already dealing with the divorce process, there are many issues you could be struggling with. For example, you may be wondering if you can settle your divorce out of court or who will get custody of your children. However, there are other divorce issues that may arise, some of which could even catch you off guard, such as your spouse filing for divorce in another country. In Lee County, and all throughout Florida, it is vital to handle these matters appropriately.

If your marital partner files for divorce in another nation, it will typically be recognized in the United States, according to the Department of State. In the U.S., however, divorces are usually handled at the state level. As a result, you should reach out to the attorney general’s office in Florida if you have questions regarding your divorce. Usually, if each party was given a chance to appear at the divorce proceeding and was informed of the divorce beforehand, a divorce filed outside of the U.S. will be valid in the U.S.

Frequently, divorces filed in other nations will address certain matters related to family law, including property division, parenting time and child support. If you are involved in a high asset divorce, these issues can be even more challenging and there may be far more at stake. With these cases, it is crucial for both parties to strive for a positive outcome.

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