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Giving children the best chance at coping with a divorce

Divorce is rarely a seamless process that leaves all parties with a perfectly cured outcome. In fact, for many divorcing couples in Florida, the process is dotted with difficult decisions, compromises, negotiations and sacrifice. More often than not, each party is required to give and take to identify amicable solutions that are able to at least partially benefit everyone involved. 

Give yourself a chance at effective child custody negotiations

Once you and your spouse make the decision to pursue a divorce in the state of Florida, you will immediately need to begin making critical decisions about your future. If you and your soon-to-be ex have had children together, these decisions may become more complicated and require considerable time and thought to reach a beneficial solution. At Fried and Fried, P.A. we are familiar with the hurdles that many couples must face when working through a divorce. 

Domestic incident leaves Palm County woman dead

Those who have never been a part of an abusive marriage often have trouble understanding why the victims involved in them in Lee County simply do not leave their attackers. For many, an emotional bond still exists with their spouses that compels them to stay with the hope that their violent actions will eventually cease. Others may have the desire to leave, yet fear that if they try to do so, their abusive spouses will come after them and/or their loved ones or cut them off from any financial resources that may assist them in starting a new life. Whatever the reason for staying with an abuser, those who do so may run the risk that said abuse could easily escalate into something far worse. 

Men have special considerations for finances after a divorce

Many people tend to focus on women during a divorce. For some reason, they aren't concerned about how the man in the situation is faring. Men need to make sure that they are taking steps to keep their financial future stable. In some cases, this is going to take considerable work.

Do you have to establish parentage as an unmarried father?

If you have recently found out that you are going to be a father, chances are you are facing lots of emotions including excitement and anticipation for the future. While becoming a father presents a list of rewards and challenges, establishing parentage in Florida can be significantly more complicated if you are not married to the child's mother. Receiving all of the rights that married fathers enjoy is doable, but it will require a few extra steps on your part. 

Will your divorce affect your child's college plans?

Even though your teen is almost through high school and makes most of his own decisions by this time, you and your spouse still have to discuss custody arrangements during your Florida divorce. For the next year or so, your child will probably live primarily with one of you, and the other parent will probably pay child support. While you may want to be the custodial parent, it could put his college plans in jeopardy.

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