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Domestic incident leaves Palm County woman dead

On Behalf of | Jan 19, 2018 | Domestic Violence |

Those who have never been a part of an abusive marriage often have trouble understanding why the victims involved in them in Lee County simply do not leave their attackers. For many, an emotional bond still exists with their spouses that compels them to stay with the hope that their violent actions will eventually cease. Others may have the desire to leave, yet fear that if they try to do so, their abusive spouses will come after them and/or their loved ones or cut them off from any financial resources that may assist them in starting a new life. Whatever the reason for staying with an abuser, those who do so may run the risk that said abuse could easily escalate into something far worse. 

That fact was on full display in a recent episode that left a Palm County woman dead. Authorities found her in her home dead from multiple injuries inflicted by her ex-husband (whom she shared the home with). Investigators say an argument broke out between to two over infidelity (by whom is unknown), which then resulted in the man kicking and stomping her (authorities also believe she was struck by a weapon). The couple had divorced in 2015, but were once again living together in an effort to repair their relationship. 

Investigators in this case made a point of stating how this illustrates how quickly a domestic incident can spiral out of control. Abused spouses have resources available to them to help protect themselves from such outcomes. These resources may be found by working with an experienced family law attorney after having escaped their abusers. 

Source: Palm Beach Post “Florida man brutally murders ex-wife after fight over infidelity, sheriff says” Nortunen, Sandra, Jan. 16, 2018

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