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March 2016 Archives

Custody and the best interests of the child

When it comes to making custody decisions, courts take a number of factors into consideration and attempt to secure an outcome that is in the child's best interests. In Lee County, and across the state of Florida, it is vital for parents who are preparing to file for divorce or are already in the middle of a custody dispute to understand which factors courts assess to determine a child's best interests.

Tips for sharing vacations and holidays

Lee County schools kick off their spring breaks this week. As a divorced or separated parent, you hopefully already incorporated how to divide vacations and holidays into your parenting plan. For those still working through child custody, however, dividing up vacations can become a major hurdle.

Florida man accused of domestic violence

Domestic violence can turn an entire family upside down. In some cases, life may never return to normal for spouses who are victims of domestic violence and their children as well. On the other hand, some people are falsely accused of domestic violence and the allegations virtually destroy their life. In Lee County, and across the state of Florida, it is essential for people who are struggling with any problems related to domestic violence to handle the situation appropriately.

How do I establish paternity through DNA testing?

If you are a father who wishes to establish paternity through DNA testing, it is important to understand how the process works. According to the Florida Department of Revenue, DNA tests do not require the use of needles or blood. Instead, DNA tests (also known as genetic tests) involve the collection of skin cells from inside your mouth.

Can I stop an ex from spending a lot of money during a divorce?

Money is undoubtedly a divisive issue. It can create or exacerbate trust issues between two people and it can be the thing standing in between them when they are trying to resolve a complicated situation. This is why money is often at the root of many contentious divorces.

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