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Florida man accused of domestic violence

On Behalf of | Mar 13, 2016 | Domestic Violence |

Domestic violence can turn an entire family upside down. In some cases, life may never return to normal for spouses who are victims of domestic violence and their children as well. On the other hand, some people are falsely accused of domestic violence and the allegations virtually destroy their life. In Lee County, and across the state of Florida, it is essential for people who are struggling with any problems related to domestic violence to handle the situation appropriately.

A sheriff’s deputy from Pinellas County was recently taken into custody over allegations of domestic violence. The deputy is currently behind bars in the Pinellas County Jail and has been charged with domestic violence.

Law enforcement officials say that the man’s wife had minor injuries on her arm after the two had been fighting. Authorities responded to the scene in Oldsmar at roughly 1 p.m. The incident took place at the deputy’s house while he was off-duty.

Dealing with cases that are related to domestic violence can be incredibly difficult and some victims are afraid to come forward and hold their abuser accountable. However, it is critical for everyone who has found themselves in this position to protect themselves and their children. Sometimes, legal action is necessary, but victims may be hesitant to take their case to court. People who are going through this should review all of their options and thoroughly prepare their case. Navigating the legal system can be tricky, but many people have benefited from reaching out to a knowledgeable attorney.

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