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December 2015 Archives

What you can't put in your prenup

You may already have a very good idea about what you want to put in your prenup, and most of it is probably assets. You're just trying to protect yourself in case of a divorce so that you don't lose a serious amount of wealth. While that's fine, it's also wise to take a minute to think about the following things that you're legally not allowed to put in your prenuptial agreement in Florida.

What NOT to do on social media while getting divorced

You know that person: the person who takes a picture of every plated dish or cup of coffee before consuming it, who snaps selfies at every possible opportunity, and who seemingly feels hashtags are more appropriate for conveying their thoughts than actual words. Society has become so inundated with social media cues that most people post or tweet without a second thought.

What should you do to keep your child in the country?

If you're getting divorced from someone from another country, and the two of you are fighting over custody, you may be concerned that your spouse is just going to pack up and leave before the divorce proceedings are finished, taking the child along. This can make it very hard to see your child again, and it could even be impossible. Depending where your spouse goes, officials may not be able to bring the child back.

Actress seeks $37,000 per month in support for pets

When high-profile or very wealthy couples divorce, there can be a lot of money at stake. For many people, this makes just about every aspect of the divorce more complicated, from dividing up property to establishing child support. Because of this, many decisions about a settlement need to be made in court.

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