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Actress seeks $37,000 per month in support for pets

On Behalf of | Dec 16, 2015 | High Asset Divorce |

When high-profile or very wealthy couples divorce, there can be a lot of money at stake. For many people, this makes just about every aspect of the divorce more complicated, from dividing up property to establishing child support. Because of this, many decisions about a settlement need to be made in court.

That is what actress Mandy Moore is evidently requesting. She has filed documents seeking financial support from her ex-husband, musician Ryan Adams, and the request seems to be one of the remaining issues standing between them and a settlement. 

According to reports, Moore was left to take care of the couple’s eight pets after the pair split up. The responsibility, she says, is overwhelming. While she has a housekeeper who is able to look after them, Moore has evidently had to cancel work obligations when no one else is able to home to stay with the pets.

Caring for pets, like caring for children, is a financial responsibility. They need food, shelter, attention and medical care. This is certainly something that should be taken into consideration when a couple divorces and one person keeps the pets. 

However, as is the case with many issues in high-asset divorces, the financial stakes are quite a bit higher than they are for other people. Moore is requesting $37,000 per month in support to reflect the fact that Adams earns much more than she does, yet she is saddled with the financial responsibility of caring for eight pets.

These situations are not uncommon, and many high-asset divorces involve requests for support that may not be an issue in other divorces. Considering how complicated and contentious these matters can be, and how high the financial stakes are, it can be wise to discuss your options with your attorney. In some cases, you can negotiate a solution with an ex; in other cases, you will need to seek a court decision. In either situation, having the support and guidance of your legal representative can be crucial.

Source: Fox News, ” Mandy Moore reportedly wants her ex Ryan Adams to pay for her 8 pets ,” Dec. 13, 2015

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