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March 2017 Archives

Can prenups address the death of a spouse?

If you are expecting to tie the knot soon, you may have questions about various marriage issues, such as the location of your wedding. However, if you have been asked to sign a prenuptial agreement, it is essential to develop an understanding of your rights and familiarize yourself with the issues these agreements cover. In Lee County, and other places in Florida, these agreements can have a significant impact on your life if you and your partner decide to split up for any reason. Moreover, they may affect you in other scenarios, such as the loss of your spouse's life.

Understanding the importance of paternity establishment

From child support to visitation and wrongful allegations of family violence, there are a multitude of challenges that fathers may encounter. In Lee County, and throughout all of Florida's other counties, fathers who are going through any of these difficulties and have a solid understanding of their rights may be able to work towards a more favorable outcome by establishing paternity. At Fried and Fried, our firm understands how emotionally and even financially draining these matters can be.

How domestic violence affects the right to child custody

You are in a difficult situation. You fight to protect your child from your wife as you go through a divorce. You want to know that your child won't be in danger in the future. Domestic violence is a constant in your relationship, and it's important to you that your child doesn't see that violence while growing up. Do you have the ability to seek sole custody of your child? Can the courts restrict his mother from visiting him?

Spousal support and taxes

When people with a high net worth determine that the time has come to divorce their spouse, an array of concerns may lie ahead. People may wonder how divorce will affect their financial situation in Lee County, and cities throughout Florida. After divorce, various obligations may arise, such as child support and spousal support. For those who receive and pay support, understanding key issues, such as tax obligations, is pivotal.

Does divorce have tax consequences?

If you have recently gone through a divorce or are contemplating splitting up with your marital partner, you may have an assortment of questions, from alimony to visitation matters. In Lee County, and across the whole state of Florida, divorce could also affect you in other ways. For example, it may have a considerable effect on your taxes, which is especially important to understand during tax season.

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