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Understanding the importance of paternity establishment

On Behalf of | Mar 18, 2017 | Fathers' Rights |

From child support to visitation and wrongful allegations of family violence, there are a multitude of challenges that fathers may encounter. In Lee County, and throughout all of Florida’s other counties, fathers who are going through any of these difficulties and have a solid understanding of their rights may be able to work towards a more favorable outcome by establishing paternity. At Fried and Fried, our firm understands how emotionally and even financially draining these matters can be.

In some cases, a father’s paternity is established when their child is born because his name is placed on the child’s birth certificate. However, biological fathers do not always have their names on birth certificates and may have to establish fatherhood through court orders or paternity affidavits. When it comes to establishing paternity through court orders, fathers may have to submit to a genetic test, which is also referred to as a DNA test.

By establishing paternity, your child may be able to gain access to numerous benefits, such as rights to inheritance, health insurance and more. As a father, establishing paternity can help tremendously if you wish to have rights to your child. Unfortunately, handling legal matters concerning paternity can be difficult and highly emotional. As a result, it is essential for fathers to take a careful approach when dealing with paternity establishment and other family law topics.

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