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November 2016 Archives

Reviewing the benefits of modifying a child support order

When a child's parents split up, numerous legal issues may arise. For example, if you have recently gone through a divorce, you may be struggling with a custody dispute, property division and spousal support, to name a few. That said, child support can be especially challenging and your inability to pay support or receive the help you are entitled to may lead to serious consequences. At Fried and Fried, we recognize the multitude of problems that parents on both sides may encounter in Florida.

5 critical things to know about your finances during divorce

Divorce can be messy and complicated, and it's crucial that you know where you stand financially so that you get your fair share. With complex, high-asset divorces, this importance reaches a new level. Below are five things you must know moving forward.

What do prenuptial agreements cover?

If you are preparing to get married, you may have a variety of unanswered questions, from the location of the wedding to how marriage will affect your tax return. If you live in Lee County, or any city in Florida, prenuptial agreements can have a significant impact on your future and your relationship with your spouse. Whether your prospective spouse is asking for you to sign a prenup or you want to protect your assets, it is essential for you to properly approach an agreement before signing and understand what these contracts cover.

Can domestic violence allegations affect a parenting plan?

When parents separate, a variety of legal matters may arise, such as child support and property division. However, parenting plans and custody decisions can be especially emotional and often have a significant impact on children as well as their parents in Lee County, and the entire state of Florida. If you are a victim of domestic violence, or have been falsely accused of domestic violence, it is important to realize how domestic violence accusations could have an impact on you and your child.

Which factors influence the distribution of marital property?

If you and your spouse make the decision to file for a divorce, all sorts of legal matters may arise. For example, once you decide to end your marriage you may have challenges related to children you have, such as custody, visitation and child support. However, divorce can also lead to financial complications in Lee County, and the rest of Florida, especially if you have a high net worth. As a result, it is critical to prepare for the financial impact of divorce, such as understanding how marital property will be split up by the court.

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