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Man pays support for non-biological child

On Behalf of | Jan 14, 2017 | Fathers' Rights |

For some non-custodial parents, child support can be incredibly challenging and creates financial hardships that virtually destroy their life. Furthermore, the ramifications of missing child support payments can be severe and may prevent people who have fallen behind from traveling or being able to drive. Moreover, they may have their wages garnished or even spend time behind bars, which is why non-custodial parents in Lee County should closely analyze their options.

An Oklahoma man has been forced to continue making child support payments for a non-biological child. The man, who found out that he was not the child’s father after he took a paternity test when the child was three, does not believe that he should be responsible for paying child support and hopes that he can bring changes to state law.

The man, who married his girlfriend from high school after she became pregnant, later split up with his wife. However, in the state of Oklahoma, paternity must be questioned no later than two years after a child is born to avoid paying child support for a non-biological child. The man, who was ordered to pay $15,000 worth of back child support, does not believe there should be a time limit in place.

Sometimes, people may feel that child support obligations are not fair or are impossible to satisfy. However, there may be serious consequences associated with missing payments. For some parents in this position, going over their case with a legal professional may help them work towards a more positive solution.

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