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What are the requirements for parental relocation?

On Behalf of | May 20, 2016 | Child Custody |

According to the Florida Legislature, a divorced parent is able to relocate more than 50 miles away with a child they have custody of. However, a number of requirements must be satisfied. If you live in Lee County, or elsewhere in the state, and are dealing with parental relocation issues, it is vital to familiarize yourself with the relocation process. Whether you wish to relocate with your child, or prevent someone else from relocating with your child, you should be familiar with the various conditions that must be met.

If you, your child’s other parent and all individuals with access to the child agree to the move, relocation can occur after the signing of an agreement. The agreement must contain a variety of elements, such as a description of how the parent who isn’t relocating will be able to spend time with the child. Without a written agreement, you can file a relocation petition if you wish to move with your child. The petition, which must be delivered to the child’s other parent, needs to contain the new phone number and address of the residence (if you know it), the reasons you plan to move, the day you plan to relocate and more. If you disagree with a relocation petition that has been served on you, you can file an objection which explains why you are opposed to the relocation.

This post was written to provide useful information regarding parental relocation and should not be seen as a substitute for legal advice.

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