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What are some examples of domestic violence?

On Behalf of | Jul 30, 2016 | Domestic Violence |

Whether you have been falsely accused of domestic violence or believe that you may be a victim, understanding the various types of domestic violence is critical. Domestic violence is a serious problem across Florida, from Lee County to anywhere else in the state, that has turned many families upside down. If you ever find yourself dealing with this matter firsthand, you should be sure to handle the situation appropriately.

According to the Florida Legislature, there are numerous examples of domestic violence. Domestic violence occurs when a member of a particular household or family commits a criminal offense which causes another household or family member to become injured or pass away. Examples of family members include a spouse or former marital partner, child, those who are legally or biologically related, those who live together as a family and the parents of mutual children.

Other examples of domestic violence include falsely imprisoning, assaulting, kidnapping or stalking a member of the family or household as well as aggravated assault, sexual battery, aggravated battery and sexual assault. Domestic violence cases often have serious repercussions for everyone involved. For those facing these allegations, consequences could include a ruined reputation and time behind bars. On the other hand, victims of domestic violence may experience serious physical and emotional pain. If you are a victim or were wrongfully accused, carefully examining all of your options is essential.

This post was compiled to provide an explanation of different types of domestic violence and is not to interpreted as an alternative to legal counsel.

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