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When will my prenup take effect?

On Behalf of | Sep 10, 2016 | Prenuptial Agreements |

Also known as premarital agreements, prenuptial agreements offer various advantages and may be beneficial for you, depending on your individual circumstances. That said, it is vital to ensure that your prenup covers every base and will be enforceable. If you live in Lee County, or another part of Florida, a prenuptial agreement could help you avoid some of the financial pitfalls that may come with divorce. However, you should find answers to any questions you have, such as when prenuptial agreements take effect, prior to signing the agreement.

According to the Florida Legislature, prenuptial agreements are put together by two people who plan to get married and take effect once the couple ties the knot. Your prenuptial agreement may cover anything from your employment-related income to personal or real property. Moreover, your prenup must contain a signature from each party and be in writing. By properly writing a premarital agreement, you and your partner can outline how property will be distributed upon divorce or another event, such as you or your spouse passing away.

When it comes to prenups, you may have all sorts of questions. Although some people have a negative view of these agreements, prenups often work out very well for both parties. Sometimes, people are coerced into signing a prenup or not given enough time to review the contract beforehand. If you have found yourself in this position, you should evaluate all of your options.

Please keep in mind that this post was written to shed light on prenuptial agreements and is not to be interpreted as legal counsel.

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