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Authorities apprehend a dozen over back child support

On Behalf of | Apr 15, 2017 | Fathers' Rights |

When a father is unable to pay child support, he may be facing various problems. In addition to the stress and depression that may come with unpaid child support, the father could be going through a hard time financially. Perhaps he lost his job or experienced an emergency that came out of left field. In Lee County, and across all counties in the state of Florida, fathers who are in this tough situation should not push off addressing their circumstances. After all, back child support can have very serious ramifications.

Law enforcement officials in North Carolina recently took a dozen people into custody due to failure to pay child support. The arrests, which were conducted early in the morning, were part of a sweep that was named ‘Operation Pay Up.’ Law enforcement officials claim that a number of those who were taken into custody had been trying to evade authorities.

Among all 12 of those who had fallen behind on child support, more than $22,700 was due, according to officials. The sweep was conducted in Iredell County, where authorities say that over $98,000 in back child support was owed when the sweep began.

When trying to handle child support issues, fathers should examine all options on the table. For some, modifiying the child support order is a great way to stay current and make payments more reasonable. Working through child support issues can be tricky, which is why some men have decided to turn to a legal professional to talk about some of the challenges they are facing. 

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