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Job loss and child support payments

On Behalf of | Jul 14, 2017 | Fathers' Rights |

If you have recently lost your job, you may be having a hard time piecing your life back together in various ways. However, if you owe child support as a non-custodial parent, the termination of your position can be especially troubling. At Fried and Fried, we are aware of how challenging daily life can be for non-custodial parents who are dealing with these issues in Florida.

Sometimes, job loss is completely unexpected, giving workers little or no time to prepare. Even when an employee is given ample notice, they may have difficulty financially recovering after losing a source of income. Unfortunately, some people who have found themselves out of work have stopped paying child support, which can magnify their problems even further. From the interception of their tax refund to passport denial and even arrest, child support that is not paid can spell disaster.

Depending on your circumstances, the modification of your child support order may be the right move. If your income has decreased significantly because you were let go at work, or many of your hours have been cut, then you might be able to reduce the amount of child support that you are expected to pay each month.

The loss of a job can generate stress and uncertainty, but so can becoming delinquent on child support; it is crucial to prevent your circumstances from spiraling out of control. If you visit the section of our website on paternity, you can read more about child support and similar topics.

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