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Setting up a payment plan for back child support

On Behalf of | Nov 18, 2017 | Fathers' Rights |

There are many fathers’ rights topics we have addressed on this blog, but unpaid child support can be particularly problematic. Not only can falling behind on these obligations cause financial challenges, but many other consequences may upend your life, from damage to your reputation to time behind bars. For some people in Florida, setting up a payment plan is an excellent way to address unpaid child support.

When setting up a payment plan, it is vital to go over the details surrounding your case and review the laws where you live. Some people may be able to make payment arrangements by contacting a caseworker, while others could be able to set up payment arrangements by reaching out to a legal professional. In some situations, getting in touch with the child’s other parent can be helpful, since open communication can potentially solve problems and prevent additional hurdles. However, not everyone is on speaking terms when it comes to these cases.

While payments arrangements can be a great way to tackle back child support, they are not an option for everyone. Sometimes, modifying a child support order is necessary if one anticipates a significant change in their financial circumstances due to the loss of a job or some other issue. Regardless of the path that you head down, it is crucial to address any unpaid child support and prevent this problem from shattering your life, if possible.

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