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Reducing the negative impact of divorce on children

On Behalf of | Mar 9, 2018 | High Asset Divorce |

Deciding to end a marriage in Lee County, especially when there are kids is never easy. You might not want to divide the family, but it might be the best solution. You do not want your kids living in a toxic environment with two parents who are at odds with each other. According to Psychology Today, unhealthy marriages are more toxic to children than divorce. 

Divorce is a transition for the entire family. Adults are more equipped to navigate through the changes than children. Children who are exposed to the negative aspects of separation tend to have a harder time adjusting. They may act out, become withdrawn and develop emotional and behavioral problems. To make it easier for your kids to accept their parents are no longer together, consider the following information. 

Minimize the conflict 

The more conflict that is involved in your divorce, the more your children will pick up on the negative aspects. You do not have to walk around pretending nothing is wrong. Avoid saying bad things about their other parent and acting negatively towards them. You must set the example you want your children to follow. Avoid confrontations. Wait until you are calm to respond to emails, calls, comments and other forms of communication that make you upset. 

Talk to the children 

Do not ignore your kids. You and their other parent should talk to them together about the separation. Explain the process to them. Give them an idea of the type of changes that are coming. Though your children may know what is going on from listening around, it is better for you to talk to them. Encourage them to share their feelings, stress how much you love them and that the separation is not their fault. 

Maintain structure 

Divorce is often chaotic and disruptive for kids. You can reduce the stress and make it easier for your children to adjust to their new family dynamic by establishing a consistent routine, states MindBodyGreen. Routine helps to provide structure and predictability which children thrive on. 

Kids may not welcome the news of their parents’ divorce. When both parents work together to nurture and shield their children from the consequences, they make it easier for them to accept.

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