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Don’t wait: File for divorce before your spouse

On Behalf of | Jul 16, 2018 | Divorce |

Ending a marriage can be difficult, but many factors may push you towards divorce. You and your spouse may have naturally grown apart, or you may have experienced domestic violence, verbal abuse or infidelity.

Regardless of the exact reason, you feel unsafe and unloved in your relationship. If you want to leave your marriage and find a fresh start, you may wish to file for divorce before your spouse due to the potential financial, emotional and legal benefits. 

Potential benefits of filing first

Multiple financial and planning benefits may be availble if you are the first spouse to file for divorce:

  1. Emotional preparation: Divorcing your spouse is a difficult decision. Perhaps you two grew apart or perhaps your spouse became violent, controlling or financially irresponsible, leaving you with no choice. Filing for divorce before your spouse gives you the opportunity to fully grasp the situation without being caught off guard.
  2. First legal choice: Filing for divorce first leaves you with the option to accurately choose your intelligent, compassionate and ambitious legal team. If your soon-to-be ex-spouse has already conducted adequate research on the best attorneys in the Fort Myers area, you may feel unprepared and rushed into the divorce process. If you file divorce first, you may even have the ability to choose the jurisdiction in your first-choice state.
  3. Financial ability: A significant element to divorce proceedings involves the split of finances. Filing for divorce before your spouse gives you the opportunity to identify your assets and determine the assets that belong to you specifically.
  4. Review of divorce documents: The submission of divorce papers to your spouse requires significant preparation and organization. You may have the upper hand in understanding the importance of each document. Utilizing your time in sifting through the makings of the divorce documentation helps you prepare for the divorce process.
  5. Judge impression: Filing for divorce first may emphasize your need to be separated from your spouse. Should you cite domestic violence or irresponsibility with children or possessions in your divorce proceedings, you may leave an impression that exhibits the authenticity of your claims.

          For many Florida couples, divorce proves to be the only answer in solving marriage issues. If you are confident in your decision, it may prove wise to organize and prepare for the filing of your divorce before your spouse in terms of your assets, your preparedness and your emotional health.

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