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How can a hostile attitude toward a spouse affect a divorce?

On Behalf of | May 5, 2020 | Divorce |

We are only human, and even the nicest person on the planet can be negatively affected by divorce. Those feelings are often expressed in public, either in a snarky comment or two on social media or through an angry voicemail left on a spouse’s phone.

What’s the harm in letting off some steam, right? In reality, venting about a spouse in public can potentially damage a person’s reputation, their family relationships, and in many cases, their chances for a favorable divorce outcome.

The benefits of keeping negativity in check

Before giving in to those destructive feelings, consider the benefits of keeping a cool head in three vital areas:

  • Dividing assets: Attacking a spouse with damaging comments can hurt their image, and by extension, their standing at work, which in turn may impact their earning capacity leading in fewer assets to share. Also, a spouse who is continually on the receiving end of nasty comments may actually gain an advantage in negotiations or litigation.
  • Child custody: Bashing a spouse in front of a judge can lead to an entirely opposite result than what was hoped for, giving the other parent an upper hand in gaining favorable custody arrangements. Courts always put the best interests of children first. They want to hear law-based arguments on why children should spend more time with you – not grievances about the other parent.
  • Lowering stress: A bitter and contentious divorce takes a toll on everyone. It can also lead to a longer and more expensive process. Divorce is stressful, even when the two parties get along. Taking a cooperative approach can save time, money and set a positive tone for a future co-parenting relationship, helping everyone put the negativity behind them.

Guard against hostile public displays

Even one momentary meltdown by a spouse who has always conducted themselves in a dignified manner can lead to unfavorable repercussions during a divorce. A judge has no way of telling whether the behavior is out of character. An experienced family law attorney can help you focus on the business side of divorce and keep your cool to achieve the best possible outcome.

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