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Minimizing a divorce’s impact on the children

On Behalf of | Jun 19, 2020 | Blog, Child Custody |

In Florida, the brunt of the divorce often falls on the children. They make none of the choices that parents make but have their lives uprooted. It is up to the parents to make sure that the children do not needlessly suffer during the divorce.

Parents need to maintain structure for their children. Relaxing rules in an attempt to win their favor will do more damage than help to children. It is important that parents keep specific expectations for children when they are in their home and clearly communicate them. They should not try too hard to be the “fun parent” because that will merely distract the children. To an extent, structure equals the normalcy that children need while the divorce is happening. Moreover, a parent should never “badmouth” the other parent in front of or to the children.

Perhaps the most important thing for the children is that they know that they can always come to their parents to discuss their feelings. Not only that but the onus is on the parent to check-in with their children if they do not initiate communication with the parent. Children need to know that their concerns will be listened to and addressed in an open and transparent manner by a parent.

One way to minimize the impact that the divorce has on the children is to keep it from becoming bitter and hostile. A child custody attorney could keep their client grounded during the divorce by facilitating compromise between the spouses. They may help negotiate the divorce agreement. In the event that the parents cannot come to a custody agreement, the attorney might present their client’s case in a family court hearing.

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