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Child custody options in Florida

On Behalf of | Jan 27, 2021 | Child Custody |

Child custody is a legal issue that can complicate Florida divorces and lead to concern and frustration between divorcing co-parents. There is no one right way to resolve a custody dispute, and individuals who are caught in custody battles can sometimes feel like they have no options. Floridians who have concerns about custody in their divorce cases, and those with post-divorce custodial problems, can always contact their trusted family law attorneys for case-specific guidance. This post does not provide any legal advice.

What is child custody?

Child custody is a set of rights that parents can retain after they end their marriages. When a household with kids splits from one to two, the division of responsibilities that co-parents must share can be complicated by differences of opinion and preference. Child custody determinations help establish who can do what, and when, with their kids.

Custody often comes in two forms: legal and physical. Legal custody covers a parent’s right to make decisions about how their child is raised. Physical custody covers a parent’s right to have their child live with them. Often legal and physical custody are shared. Sometimes a parent is granted sole custody if it is in the interests of their child.

What factors influence custody outcomes?

Courts that become involved in child custody matters look at many factors to decide how each case should end. Some of the factors they may consider can include:

  • The child’s health and age
  • The child’s relationship with their parents and siblings
  • The parents’ ability to work together
  • The parents’ ability to care for their child post-divorce

The best interests of the children always guide child custody decisions in Florida.

What can parents do to protect their custody rights?

Parents can fight to maintain contact and care of their kids following their divorces. Their family law attorneys can advise them of what steps to take to protect their access to their kids. All child custody cases are different, and it is important that parents prepare to deal with their own custodial factors and how they may impact their custodial rights.


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