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Benefits of private mediation in high-profile divorces

On Behalf of | Apr 14, 2023 | High Asset Divorce, High Net Worth Divorce, Mediation |

Mediation is highly effective, and it is a service offered both as a private service and as part of the divorce process in most family courts. It is an effective way to resolve disputes confidentially and efficiently.

Many people who want to divorce do not want to go through the courts and prefer a quieter approach and a less adversarial way of facing the issues with the other party. For this to work, however, the parties must agree to mediation, choose a mediator, bring their attorneys with them if they have attorneys, and be willing to negotiate in good faith.

Private mediation offers benefits for various demographics, and this one is no exception. If you want to divorce quietly and have large or significant assets, you and your soon-to-be former spouse need to settle and negotiate. If you have children, mediation can also help you discuss concerns related to child custody and support.

Shuttle mediation

Frequently, it is not easy to negotiate with all parties in the same room. Emotions run high in divorce, and mediation is no exception to that. However, one of the great benefits of mediation is that it offers a format called “shuttle mediation.”

Shuttle mediation is when the parties (and their attorneys, if they have any) sit in separate rooms, in-person or virtually. The mediator goes back and forth between them, negotiating with the parties. If the parties have attorneys, they can discuss matters with their attorneys while the mediator is in the other room discussing issues with the other side.

Privacy and confidentiality

Any kind of mediation is confidential, but private mediation does not go through the courts, except if you file a contract or final divorce settlement with the court after reaching an agreement. However, the matters discussed, specifics about financials and other issues that for certain people are sensitive topics, can be kept out of the information that is filed with the court.

Divorce is difficult no matter what the circumstances. Mediation is highly effective in helping individuals help themselves to walk away with what they want instead of having someone else make that decision for them.


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