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What is collaborative law and how might it help your divorce?

On Behalf of | Nov 8, 2023 | Collaborative Law |

If you are getting ready to go through a divorce, you’re probably looking forward to just getting it over with. We all know there can be a high level of emotions as a divorce proceeds and it is always better to get an unpleasant experience behind you.

However, a divorce doesn’t have to be as contentious as you might think. Collaborative law provides an opportunity for divorcing couples in Florida to address the issues they need to address in a divorce, but do so in much less of a chaotic manner than they might experience in courtroom litigation.

Collaborative law basics

What is collaborative law and how might it help with your divorce case? Well, any of our readers who are familiar with alternative dispute resolution as part of family law might have run into a related option, known as mediation.

By now, most people who have had any exposure to our civil court system have probably heard of mediation, which is an out-of-court process that disputing parties use to attempt to arrive at a settlement, whatever the case may be. Collaborative law is similar, but there is usually one solid commitment from both parties: that they will not use the threat of going to court against the other party as the collaborative law process plays out.

As the collaborative approach unfolds, the parties will use the help of their attorneys, financial professionals and even mental health professionals, among others, to attempt to address all of the legal issues in the case and try to come up with a mutually agreeable resolution that can be presented to a family law judge for approval. The process can be much more informal than a courtroom setting, and the parties can proceed at their own pace.

Anyone who might be getting ready to go through a divorce in Florida is likely filled with trepidation. However, if you explore all possible options for how a divorce can be addressed, you may find that you have options that will help you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse to keep emotions in check.

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