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High asset divorce and identity theft

On Behalf of | Nov 11, 2017 | High Asset Divorce |

On this blog, we have gone over many facets of high asset divorce, from public attention that people in this position may garner to the way in which marital property is handled. However, there are far more topics that can be especially concerning for some people who are working through divorce as a high net worth individual, such as identity theft. If you suspect that your former spouse has stolen your identity, you may be confused and upset. However, it is vital to go over your legal options and defend your rights. Unfortunately, preventing identity theft carried out by someone you are breaking up with or used to be married to can be challenging.

Whether your ex has access to a financial account or is able to open a credit card using your identity, the financial consequences of identity theft can be very serious. People may steal their former marital partner’s identity for different reasons. On the one hand, they may feel as if they need to get even or harm the person they used to be married to. In other circumstances, someone may steal their former spouse’s identity because they are experiencing financial problems after the marriage ended. To make matters worse, this problem can be particularly hard to prevent. After all, a former spouse often has access to key details, such as someone’s birthdate, social security number, and other types of sensitive information.

If you are struggling with this issue or any other divorce matter, you should not give up. Our high asset divorce section offers more on ending marriage.

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