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The prevalence of head injuries in victims of domestic violence

On Behalf of | Jun 10, 2018 | Domestic Violence |

When two people are involved in a romantic relationship, tensions can run high at times. Often, people do or say things in a moment of passion that they regret later on. In some circumstances, people may become violent and endanger the life of their partner. What is disconcerting, is that this problem is more widespread in Florida than many people realize. Often, victims are left to cope with their demons in silence as they try to avoid putting their life in danger by confessing the abuse to someone.

An interesting aspect of domestic violence is the alarming number of head injuries found in victims in surveys that have been completed. In fact, out of all of the patients that were assessed, nearly 81 percent reported that they had been hit on the head at one point or another throughout their abuse. This same 81 percent acknowledged that the abuse was so persistent that their head had been hit more times than they could remember.

In sports, one concussion is enough to suspend the player from activity until they are deemed healthy and well enough to play without endangering their well-being. When compared with the head injuries sustained by victims of domestic violence, the conclusion was that these patients had endured exponentially more trauma than many athletes. What complicated matters further was that these victims were not allotted recovery time between strikes unlike an athlete. Complications related to their abuse can leave victims suffering ailments such as mood swings, memory loss and PTSD among others.

If people have endured an abusive relationship and are now facing the consequences of having been physically assaulted, they may wish to hire an attorney to represent their case. A legal professional understands how to organize factual evidence to create a persuasive argument about why compensatory damages should be awarded.

Source: The West Milford Messenger, “Domestic violence’s overlooked damage: Concussion and brain injury,” June 7, 2018

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