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Hulk Hogan given deadline to pay ex-wife’s divorce legal fees

On Behalf of | Sep 12, 2019 | High Net Worth Divorce |

Our readers in Florida are used to seeing news headlines about celebrity divorces and the oftentimes chaotic processes involved. Former professional wrestler Hulk Hogan went through his divorce case in Florida and is now facing a serious deadline in relation to that high net worth divorce.

A recent news article detailed how, upon the finalization of Hogan’s divorce from his former spouse, Linda Bollea, Bollea was to receive a significant portion of the former couple’s liquid assets, and also a smaller percentage of a substantial legal recovery Hogan obtained when he sued the website, Gawker, and won.

However, according to the recent report, Hogan failed to comply with the divorce decree and has not paid the share of funds he was ordered to pay. Bollea has reportedly racked up significant legal fees in her efforts to attempt to prove that Hogan has failed to comply with the divorce decree.

Now, a family law judge in Florida has given Hogan just 30 days to pay an estimated $180,000 in legal fees to his ex-wife. The judge determined that Hogan’s conduct led to delays and forced Bollea to accumulate legal fees that could have been avoided. If Hogan does not pay as the court has ordered, he could be facing some serious consequences.

High net worth divorces can become complicated affairs even when the people involved are not celebrities. Every divorce must go through the process of property division, and when the marital property includes complex assets, the process of dividing them is necessarily more complicated. Any Florida residents who may be headed toward such a complicated issue will need to make sure they understand their legal rights.

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