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Are there signs your marriage is headed for a divorce?

On Behalf of | Oct 11, 2019 | High Net Worth Divorce |

Each year thousands of married couples in Florida go through a divorce. Some of these cases are even high net worth divorces, in which millions of dollars in assets are on the line. In some cases, the signs that a divorce may be looming have been present for years. What are some of the signs that a marriage might be headed for a divorce?

A recent article examined this question, and came back with certain signposts that may let a couple know that an end to the marriage might be on the horizon. Some may seem trivial, but might be signs nonetheless. For example, the recent article noted that, if you and your spouse are not eating dinner together, you may be missing a key point of connection time in any given day. That can result in a relationship becoming disjointed.

Next, for couples with young children, there is the common refrain of “staying together for the children.” If you find yourself thinking that the best interests of the children are the only thing keeping you with your spouse, the marriage may be headed for an inevitable end. Or, the recent article noted that if you and your spouse simply don’t have fun together anymore, that may indicate that there is some creeping resentment in your married life. The last point that the recent article noted as potentially being a signpost that the marriage is coming to an end is that, when you think about a potential divorce, the thought of being out of the relationship fills you with relief.

Getting divorced is a substantial step in life. Those who are contemplating such a major move may need to get more information about the legal process of a divorce case.

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