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An overview of the mediation process

On Behalf of | Dec 5, 2019 | Mediation |

One of the biggest mental hurdles that Florida residents need to get over when they are contemplating a divorce is the perception that the legal process will be drawn out, time consuming and emotionally draining. While that is certainly the case in some divorces, the fact is that many divorcing couples are able to amicably work through the variety of legal issues that they need to address in the divorce case and put the whole ordeal behind them in a rather timely process. “Mediation” is often the key.

Mediation is a way to resolve legal cases without the need for prolonged litigation or courtroom stress. If, for example, a divorcing couple is able to understand that they simply need to get through the legal issues in the case, such as property division, alimony, child custody and child support, and then get on with their lives, mediation may be an option. The crucial part of mediation is the “mediator” – a neutral third-party individual who will go back-and-forth between the parties as they attempt to reach resolutions to the divorce issues that are present in any given case.

While the facts of divorce cases vary in each marriage, the issues are usually the same. Mediators will use their experience, as well as creative ideas, to address these common divorce issues while accounting for the unique facts of the case in question.

Mediation is not for everyone. If couples in Florida have reached the point where there doesn’t seem to be any possibility of productive activity when they discuss divorce legal issues, litigation may be the only option.

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