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Adele shows that even high net worth divorces may be worth it

On Behalf of | Oct 19, 2021 | Divorce |

Many people who have gone through the process will say that a divorce, even a difficult high net worth divorce, was ultimately worth it. Of course, there will likely be trials and tribulations, but at the end, one’s post-divorce life is worth any heartache needed to get there. International singing star Adele, for one, can attest to this fact, at least according to recent interviews.

The divorce

According to a recent interview with Adele about her divorce from Simon Konecki, she had been putting off the divorce for years. Originally filed in 2019, her divorce was just recently finalized. She described her marriage as exhausting because she was forced to give up all of her time to keep the marriage together and her husband happy. She had little time for herself. Of course, her divorce inspired her new album, and even though it has taken years to become finalized, Adele believes that her high asset divorce was ultimately worth it.

Adele’s advice

The world-famous Grammy Award winner told her fans that the longer one puts off their divorce, the worse it will be. This goes for both the marriage and the divorce. Unhappiness in marriage only grows, and the longer a marriage lasts, the harder and more complicated it is to unravel. “Like knee-deep, treading through all of that poo is worth it.”

The takeaways

Of course, one does not want to rush into divorce. If appropriate, one should try to reconcile through marriage counseling to see if a couple can find their spark again. However, if that fails, then it is better to find one’s happiness in a new life post-divorce. Life is too short to stay in an unhappy marriage.

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